Repair Management

Kaycee Aerospace has built itself a solid reputation in the field of component repair management. We help aircraft operators reduce costs and increase efficiency by managing the repairs of their unused inventories. All components are removed from the aircrafts and are then sent out to one of various repair shops we deal with. The parts are then repaired and certified at our own cost.

Our services cover testing, repairs, overhaul, and modifications of all types of aircraft and engine components. We provide these services in close cooperation with our well-reputed international partners.

We also offer exchange, loan and outright sales of repaired components with a large inventory of standard parts available in our main facility in Montreal.

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Our Repair Capabilities Include:

  • Avionics repair
  • Wheel and brake repair and overhaul
  • Composite repair shop
  • Life vest and escape slide repair shop
  • Engine components
  • Landing gear